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Dr. Borlaug Video

A student produced video entitled "A Brain Full of Grain" won the 2015 Senior Documentary division of the Iowa National History Day competition. You can view the video below. The NBHF is grateful to these student producers for allowing us to show their tribute to Dr. Borlaug on this website.

100th Birthday in 2014

Norman Ernest Borlaug (March 25, 1914 – September 12, 2009) was born on a farm south of Cresco, Iowa, to Henry and Clara Borlaug on March 25, 1914. 2014 was the 100th anniversary of Dr. Borlaug's birth. (H.S. Photo)

Norman Borlaug High School Photo

NBHF Board Attends Statue Dedication at U.S. Capitol

A fitting honor (and wonderful 100th birthday present!) was unveiled on Wednesday, March 25, 2014, in Washington D.C. A statue designed and sculpted by artist Ben Victor was installed in Statuary Hall of the US Capitol as a tribute to Dr. Borlaug, the Father of the Green Revolution and the man who is credited with saving a billion lives through his wheat research. Several members of the Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation attended the installation and dedication.

Student Workshop Image

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Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation

Photo of Dr. BorlaugThe Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation is a non-profit corporation with an all-volunteer board dedicated to the preservation of the Birthplace and Boyhood home of Dr. Norman E. Borlaug (1914-2009), where he established his values and work ethic. The Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation is committed to promoting Dr. Borlaug's lifetime achievements and philosophy through education programs such as the Norman Borlaug Education Day (or "Inspire" Day) and the Education Residency Program.

For over a half century, the scientific and humanitarian achievements of Dr. Norman Borlaug (Nobel Peace Prize winner, Congressional Gold Medal Winner, and recipient of over 50 honorary Doctorate Degrees) kept starvation at bay for millions of people in third world countries. Gregg Easterbrook wrote of Borlaug "Though barely known in the country of his birth, elsewhere in the world Norman Borlaug is widely considered to be among the leading Americans of our age.

Our Goal

The Foundation's immediate goals are centered around funding an endowment for the restoration and upkeep of  Dr. Borlaug's Birthplace and Boyhood home and schoolhouse, and the continuation of  the Borlaug Education Outreach Program. Education was extremely important to Dr. Borlaug, and much of the work carried on by the Foundation centers around education.

In His Own Words

"I realize how fortunate I was to have been born, to have grown to manhood, and to have received my early education in rural Iowa. That heritage provided me with a set of values that has been an invaluable guide to me in my work around the world... These values ... have been of great strength in times of despair in my struggle to assist in improving the standards of living of rural people everywhere." ~ Dr. Borlaug

Consider supporting our efforts to sustain Dr. Borlaug's legacy!

For more information email us at or call the Cresco Chamber of Commerce at 563-547-3434 or write to NBHF, PO Box 403, Cresco, IA 52136.

A Brain Full of Grain

A student film about Dr. Borlaug created and produced for the 2015 Iowa National History Day competition by Sean Wu, Rizwan Sidhu and Canaan Frese. It won first place in the Senior Documentary Division and moved on to the national competition.

The NBHF is grateful to Sean, Rizwan and Canaan for allowing us to present their video on our website. No other use of this video is permitted without the written permission of these student producers.