Borlaug Summer Ag Institute

Each summer the NBHF hosts a one-day ag institute at the Borlaug farm featuring nationally recognized speakers presenting the latest information on sustainable agriculture.

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2018 Cover Crops

Jake Groth, NRCS sub-area Resource Conservationist, discusses the benefits of using cover crops at the 2018 Borlaug Summer Ag institute held at the Norman Borlaug Birthplace Farm.

Area farmer Brandon Reis also presented on cover crops at the 2018 Borlaug Ag Institute. View his presentation on Personal Experiences with Cover Crops on our Youtube Channel.

2017 Healthy Soil Part I

Soil scientist, Ray Archuleta, gave a demonstration on the differences between healthy and unhealthy soils as well as a scientific presentation on Healthy Soils. The video on this page is Part I of the demonstration. Use these links to see Part II and the hour long "Soil - A Living Organism" talk on our Youtube Channel.

2016 Healthy Soil Presentation

Dr. Jill Clapperton, Featured Presenter at the 3rd Annual Norman Borlaug Summer Ag Institute, gives her opening remarks about the importance of soil health. She also introduces Mary Damm and her presentation on Prairie Soils and their importance.

View Mary Damm's presentation on Prairie Soils on our Youtube Channel.

2015 Fred Fleming

Fred Flemming of Shepherd's Grain in Oregon presented a new model for sustainable agriculture in this video. View Fred Flemming's other video, Thoughts on Dr. Borlaug as he took a tour of the farm.