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The 1915 Birthplace Barn is Undergoing a Complete Restoration. We Need Donations to Keep this Project Moving Forward.
 Please Donate to the NBHF - All Donations are Welcome! 

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The Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation is a registered non-profit corporation with the State of Iowa and the Internal Revenue Service." The Foundation's goal is to establish an endowment that will allow us to:

  • maintain the property and buildings already restored
  • continue restoration of the Birthplace home and barn
  • expand our educational outreach programs
  • build an education/visitor center
  • establish an endowment to fund the ongoing work of the NBHF

All Donations Are Welcome!

The NBHF is grateful for donations of any amount! For large gifts, we will send prints of an original work of art, “The Borlaug Family Farm” by Decorah artist and former Borlaug Educational Resident Douglas Eckheart. 

$1000 Contribution Level

For gifts of $1000 or more, the NBHF will provide a limited edition print of Eckheart's "The  Borlaug Family Farm."

$5000 Contribution Level

For gifts of $5000 or more, the NBHF will provide a limited edition print of Eckheart's "The Borlaug Family Farm" signed by Dr. Norman E. Borlaug

Send Donations To:

Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation
Cresco Chamber of Commerce
101 2nd Ave. SW, Cresco, IA 52136

Questions? Email us at [email protected]

what do we do

The Foundation's immediate goals are centered around funding an endowment for the restoration and upkeep of Dr. Borlaug's Birthplace and Boyhood home and schoolhouse, and the continuation of the Borlaug Education Outreach Program. Education was extremely important to Dr. Borlaug, and much of the work carried on by the Foundation centers around education.

Restoration & Maintenance

Maintenance is an ongoing effort. The NBHF maintains the grounds of the 107 acre property as well the homes, barns, outbuilding and the school. Our immediate restoration goal is the 1915 Birthplace barn. Learn More

educational Programs

The spring and fall Inspire Day for 5th graders currently reaches more than 500 students . We would like to grow the program to reach additional students as well as additional grade levels with expanded programs. Learn More


The NBHF has a summer intern from ISU because of the Borlaug-Thomson Scholarship. This program was initially by ISU and is supported by donations from generous benefactors.  Learn More

Endowment & Visitor Center

The goal of the NBHF is to establish an endowment that would fund the ongoing costs of restoration, maintenance, permanent staff, and programs as well as allow for the construction of a visitor/education center.