Inspire Day

Held twice a year (spring and fall) for fifth grade students, Inspire Day gives kids a chance to learn a range of educational skills including agriculture, science, social studies and environmental science. Dr. Borlaug was passionate about the importance of education and so is the NBHF!

“Our elementary schooling was a preparation for life not for academic achievement.”
Dr. Norman Borlaug 

Spring Inspire Day 2016

Opening Ceremony

Every Inspire Day begins with an opening ceremony led by NBHF staff at the one room school Norm attended as a child.

Iowa Corn Song

Students learn the Iowa Corn Song ("I-O-Way") that Norm loved to sing each day during elementary school.


Students learn about insects and what they do in this hands-on session conducted by Luther Ed. students.

Ethnic Food

Students and Luther student-instructors spent the session learning how to make Norwegian foods like Norm knew as a kid.

1920s Economics

Luther Ed. students helped attendees understand 1920s economics through a "Price Is Right" game format.


This hands-on session led by Luther Ed. students involved studying the world through a microscope.


Through the use of an interactive model, kids experienced the power of water and its effects on the environment.

Water Quality

Kids took samples of water from the stream behind Norm's boyhood home to learn more about water quality.

Fall Inspire Day 2016

Norm's School

Learning what life was like for Norm in the one room school he attended as a child. 

Flood Info System

This hands-on station led by U of I staff helps kids learn about the impact of water.

ISU Insect Zoo

An ISU led session about insects with hands-on experience for the students.

Norm's World

Students discover where Norm worked throughout the world in a session led by Dr. Acker of ISU.

Alternative Energy

Students discover what's taking place in the world of alternative energy production in this ISU session.

Feed the Hungry

Over 9500 meals were packed by students in this session. Kids get to "Be like Norm" and help feed the hungry!


Students discovered how agriculture products are used to make our lives and the environment better.

Plants & Farming

Students received a hands-on lesson in growing things in this session led by the 2016 NBHF Intern.