Outreach & Affiliations

The NBHF is fortunate to have the support of many organizations. Without their committment of time, personnel and resources, we could not continue our mission of educational programming and preservation.

Partners in Progress

  • Iowa State University
  • Luther College
  • Cresco Kiwanis
  • Cresco Chamber of Commerce
  • University of Iowa
  • ISU Extension
  • The World Food Prize
  • Silos and Smokestacks
  • Howard-Winneshiek CSD
  • The Norman Borlaug Harvest Fest
  • Iowa Corn
  • Practical Farmers
  • Meals from the Heartland
  • Outreach Program
  • Iowa Museum Association
  • We would also like to thank the many individuals, too numerous to mention, who continue to contribute their time and money in support of the NBHF and its programs!

    NBHF Outreach Activities

    WFP Tours

    Maury Kramer, NBHF, gives a tour of Boyhood Farm to visitors from the World Food Prize.

    Harvest Fest

    Barb Schwamman, NBHF, and Steven Lauer of the World Food Prize on Borlaug Harvest Fest float.

    Tractor Tour

    Many tours and events take place each year at the farm. Here annual tractor ride visitors tour property.


    Scouts hold campouts and do projects at the farm. These scouts pose in front of a birdhouse they made.

    Ag. Seminars

    Annual Borlaug Ag. Institue participants listen to presenters in front of Birthplace barn.

    Farm Tours

    Attendees from annual Borlaug Harvest Fest are bussed to farm for tours of the property.


    The NBHF partners with many organizations like Silos & Smokestacks to promote Dr. Borlaug's work.


    Many clubs and groups visit the farm each year. This garden club came to view the farm gardens.

    The NBHF participates in a wide variety of activities and partnerships to promote the work of Dr. Borlaug and to educate the public about his life, his work and his ideals. If you or your organization is interested in working with the NBHF, please Contact Us!