Restoration & Preservation

One of the primary goals of the NBHF is to care for the farm where Norm grew up and for the elementary school he attended as a boy.  We could not do this without the help of our many volunteers!

GE Volunteers

Starting in 2007 a group of retired GE employees dedicated a week of their time each summer to help renovate the Borlaug property. They not only worked extremely hard during that week, they covered all their own expenses, a truly selfless act. Their deeds are the perfect tribute to an altruistic giant like Norman Borlaug. As with Dr. Borlaug they sought nothing for themselves, they just wanted things to be better than they were before they arrived. Learn More

Boyhood Farm Restoration

Rear Entry

Boarded up and in need of exterior and interior repair.

Water Damage

Many rooms had water damage to plaster & wood.


Woodwork had to be sanded and refinished.

Plaster Repair

Walls needed to be repaired and repainted.

Rear Entry

Steps repaired, house painted, landscaping done

Upstair Bedroom

Norm's bedroom after restoration was completed.

Dining Area

Dining area on main floor after restoration completed.


Refurbished kitchen with period wood cook stove.

Birthplace and New Oregon School

Many local volunteers have donated time and materials to preserve the Birthplace Home, New Oregon School #8, Boyhood Home, and Outbuildings. Extensive landscaping and ongoing property improvements have also taken place. The next goal of the NBHF is to restore the 1915 barn to its original condition.

Birthplace 1880

Original home built by Ole & Solvei 

Birthplace 2010

Home in great need of attention 

Birthplace Now

Home after renovation efforts by volunteers

House & Barn

Lean-To on each side are later additions

Barn Now

Barn as seen from back as approached from trail 


Concept image original barn appearance


Restoring New Oregon School Entrance

School Inside

Interior restored to 1920s appearance