The Borlaug Farm is open to visitors at all times. There are informational signs near the buildings and on the walking trail between the Birthplace and Boyhood homes. Group and individual tours can be arranged by contacting us.

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Visitors can park at the Boyhood property or at the Birthplace property.  The two homes are connected by a walking trail so they can be accessed on foot or you can park at one place to visit and then drive to the other one and tour it. While the buildings are not open on a regular basis, there are informational signs near each building and along the trail that give information about Dr. Borlaug and the sites. This page is designed to let you get an idea of what you will actually see on site. 

Boyhood Property

House, Barn, New Oregon School #8, Gardens, Outbuildings and Antique Farm Machinery

Birthplace Property

House, 1915 Barn, Outbuildings 

Walking Trail & Prairie

Bridge and Walking Trail with signage describing Norm's achievements decade by decade

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Boyhood Property

One Room School

Norm attended this school, New Oregon School #8, until the 8th grade.

Memorial Garden

This memorial garden, dedicated to the family, is located next to the school.

Boyhood Home

The house, built in 1921, is a Sears kit house. The family moved in 1922.

Barn & Buildings

The pumphouse still has Norm's initials written on the wall inside the door.

Antique Machines

The Borlaugs switched from horses to a Fordson tractor in 1929.

Norm & Chickens

One of Norm's chores was feeding the chickens. This statue is by Dr. Wm. Faller.

Beautiful Gardens

There are flower gardens and gardens with produce at the Boyhood Farm.

Welcome Sign

Located near the school and gardens and featuring a map of the property.

Birthplace Property 

Birthplace Home

Norm was born in 1914 in his grandparents Nels and Emma.

1915 Barn

The original barn consisted of only the center structure.


The chicken coop and storage building are period structures.

Welcome Sign

Contains ancestor history and is located between house and barn.

Trail Entrance

This walking trail connects the two properties and loops the prairie.

Main Entrance

Farmstead is located on Timber Ave., 2 1/2 miles north of Saude.

House & Barn

The original house was 16' by 18' and is the section with the porch roof.

Rear View of Home

This is the view of the farm as one enters from the trail on the northwest corner.

Walking Trail and Prairie

Bridge to Prairie

Located south of the gardens, it leads to the prairie and trail. 


Marks period when farmers were moving to hybrid seeds & tractors. 

Walking Trail

This 1 1/2 mile trail loops the prairie and connects the two farmsteads.


Covers the work that Norm was doing with wheat research in Mexico.

Prairie View

Much of Henry Borlaug's crop land has been returned to native prairie. 


Covering the period where Norm was working to meet the needs of India & Asia.

Prairie View

Visitors on the walking trail between the farms enjoy native plants & serenity. 


Norm begins his work in Africa with the Sasakawa Foundation. 

Prairie View

A view of Boyhood Farm from the southwest corner of the trail.

Prairie View

Visitors learn about Norm's work and life from the signs along the trail. 


Many native prairie plant species can be viewed while enjoying the trail. 

Prairie Serenity

Stop and enjoy the serenity of the Borlaug farm at this bench near the bridge.