GE Volunteers

Former employees of General Electric from a variety of locations around the U.S. volunteered many hours of their time to help restore the Borlaug Farm.

Selfless Service

2007 - The first project for the GE Volunteers was renovation work on the Boyhood Home in August. They undertook restoration of the upstairs guest bedroom and the front and back porches. They scraped paint, repaired cracked plaster, restored window frames, replaced hardware and painted ceilings, walls, hallways and porches.

2008 - Restoration of the exterior of the New Oregon #8 school located on the Boyhood property. Work consisted of replacing and nailing exterior siding, restoring window frames, closing animal openings, and scraping, caulking priming and providing two coats of paint. They also installed slate chalkboards to the front classroom wall. Several local volunteers also participated.

2009 - The GE Volunteers, along with local helpers, took on the restoration of the interior of the barn. Windows were retured to original condition (able to open and close), the ceiling and walls were scraped and brushed, seventeen cow stanchions were sanded and repaired, doors were repaired, siding was repaired and renailed, windows were caulked, and two coats of primers were added to the entire interior.

2010 - Restoration of the outbuildings on the Boyhood Farm including the replacing of siding, hanging machine shed doors, rebuilding other doors, scraping, caulking, priming and painting the machine shed, two chicken coops, the corn crib and granary.

2011 - The group power-washed and sealed the handicap ramp at the school, painted the back porch of the Boyhood home, landscaped around the flagpole and house. Several barn doors were repaired and painted, the outhouse and milk parlor were cleaned and painted.

2012 - The volunteers were involved in painting and in many outdoor projects including landscaping and the memorial plantings.