Dr. William Faller - Sculptor

Two Sculptures Created by Faller Depicting Norman Borlaug's Progression from "Feeding the Chickens" to "Feeding the World" Along with a New Viewing Area Were Revealed to the Public in September of 2017.

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Statue Dedication September 2017

Statues and New Viewing Area

The new viewing area was created by Mudslingers with concrete donated by Croell Redi-Mix.

Statues and New Viewing Area

The first statue Norm Feeding the Chickens is in the foreground. Feeding the World is in background.

Faller & Inspire Day Students

Dr. Faller talks with students on how the sculptures were created and how he was inspired by Dr. Borlaug.

Dr. Faller Introduced

Tom Spindler of the NBHF Board introduces Dr. Faller to the Attendees of the Dedication Ceremony.

Faller Addresses Attendees

Dr. Faller spoke to those in attendance about his sculptures and about the importance of Dr. Borlaug.

First Statue Donated

"Norm Feeding the Chickens" was unveiled at a dedication ceremony in the fall of 2013.

Dr. Faller spent much of his adult life as a pathologist, but as a child he admired the artistic ability of a great uncle who was a sculptor. After he retired he decided to pursue his lifelong interest in art. At one time he'd thought about going into forestry (Dr. Borlaug did his undergraduate work in forestry). Faller also is interested in soil and water quality. All these interests drew him to Dr. Borlaug who spent his life working to improve the health of individuals through increased food security. Healthy water and soil are part of this equation. Click here to learn more about Dr. Faller.