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Dr. Borlaug

Dr. Norman BorlaugFew people in the history of the world have done as much to positively impact humanity around the world as Dr. Norman Borlaug. Born on a small farm south of Cresco, Iowa, Dr. Borlaug devoted his career to saving the lives of millions of starving people around the globe. In 1970 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his work. He is also one of only seven people to have received the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal in addition to the Nobel Peace Prize.

Biography Info

In His Own Words

"I realize how fortunate I was to have been born, to have grown to manhood, and to have received my early education in rural Iowa. That heritage provided me with a set of values that has been an invaluable guide to me in my work around the world... These values ... have been of great strength in times of despair in my struggle to assist in improving the standards of living of rural people everywhere."

NBHF Goals

1., Preservation of the Birthplace and Boyhood Farms where he grew up and learned the values of hard work and respect for the land and life.
2, Conduct a variety of educational outreach programs designed to pass along these important life lessons.                   
Short Term
Restoration of the Birthplace Home and the Completion of the Birthplace Barn interior to serve as an Education and Visitors Center..

2019 Projects

In September of 2018, the NBHF marked the end of a two-year restoration of the 1915 Birthplace Barn with a dedication ceremony. Without you, our many donors, and help from several grants this major project couldn't have been completed! Thank you!

Now we are moving on to the restoration of the Birthplace Home. Again we are seeking your help in seeing us through on this. Please use the Donate Button above to make an online donation or contact us at [email protected] for information on how you can help.

Birthplace Home

The first major project for 2019 was to restore the roof of the Birthplace Home; that project is now complete. The Birthplace Home has been overlooked for too many years, and we are at a point where we must focus funds on its restoration.  

We had an architect do an inspection and report on the home so that we know what steps to properly take in its restoration.  Our next project will be the removal of the addition to the back of the house.  Thank you to all who have already contributed!

Education and Visitors Center

Establishing an Education/Visitor Center has long been a goal of the NBHF. With the Restoration of the exterior and superstructure of the Birthplace Barn, we now have a structure to use for that purpose.  We also need to build permanent restrooms and the grant process for doing that has begun. Please help us reach this goal for a year-round facility for educating others about Norm's life-long work of helping others.

NBHF Update - Raising the Barn!

We have completed Phase I of the 1915 Borlaug Birthplace Barn rennovation; thank you! We are now involved in Phase II of work at the Birthplace Farm. Phase II includes restoration of the Birthplace Home and completion of the interior of the 1915 Birthplace Barn to turn it into a year-round facility to serve as a Education and Visitor Center. We can't complete this ambitious project witthout your help.

We need your tax deductible gifts to help us complete Phase II. You can send your gift to the Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation at PO Box 57, Cresco, IA 52136 or use the secure donation link below if you prefer to pay by credit card. Thanks to all of you who have helped us come this far in less than a year!

Donations to the NBHF through PayPal may be done with your credit card or through a PayPal account. You do not need a PayPal account to Donate to the NBHF. Clicking this button will take you to the secure PayPal site. The NBHF values your privacy. View our Privacy Policy.

NBHF Annual Report

cbarn dedication

Early in 2018 the NBHF established goals to be completed during the year.  Those goals were:

  • Fundraising efforts to pay for the barn project.
  • Donor recognition.
  • Hosting a barn event to celebrate the completion of the Birthplace Barn.
  • Be present for the World Food Prize and continue work on social impact.

We are pleased to report that the NBHF has achieved all of the goals and continues to make progress on our strategic long term goals that were established in 2017 with the assistance of Julie Huiskamp, Ph.D. To learn more about the specifics of the report, use the link below to download it.

Download the 2018 Annual Report

NBHF Strategic Plan

strategic plan iconThe year-long strategic planning process is now complete. At the end of 2016, a strategic planning committee consisting of several board members and headed by planning consultant Dr. Julie Huiskamp met monthly throughout 2017. Input was sought from a variety of focus groups with connections to the Foundation. These groups consisted of Current and Former Board Members, Community Organizations, Educational Community, Business and Tourism, Property Neighbors and the Borlaug Family. Based on input from these groups, the committee created a strategic plan for the future.

You can download and read this plan here.

NBHF Educational Outreach Programs